Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Software version 1.08

With this version you cannot bypass the print cartridge check !
Only version 1.07 created the modifiable .bfb file.

2.0 Release HighlightsMaterial Profiles V8
o Further improvements to seam lines
- ABS 0.1mm and 0.25mm are near seamless in most cases.Note: 0.25mm Fast Draft has not been modified
- PLA seam has been further improved o Improved down facing surfaces when printing geometries without a raft for both ABS and PLA material, at all layer heights.
o Improved part quality for ABS 0.25mm
o Optimizations have been made for "quick layers".

CubeX Software has taken a leap forward by providing a detailed Help tool. The following are examples of what type of Help Tools have been added:
o Help is now provided for various CubeX User Interface Questions.
o There is a "How To" section for installing Software & Firmware.
o There is a "Maintenance" section for setting ZGap, Checking Platform Level, Setting Print Jet Wiper, Stabilizing the Print Bed and how to appropriately Apply Magic Glue.
o Tool Tips have been added to the Build Settings, Printer Configuration & Build Windows to help describe various features.
o Additionally, Users have the ability to Press F1 to trigger topic specific Help Tools when highlighting various operations in the CubeX user interface.

See full release notes:
Release notes 1.08

Note: If you get a message "you do not have privileges to install etc....." during the install, try the install again by right clicking on the setup.exe file and select "Run as administrator".

 Installation Instructions:
- Uninstall previous installation of CubeX Software.
- Extract the cubex_software_win.zip folder
- Double click on setup.exe to begin installation
- The installer will direct thru the install process
- after installation complete, a CubeX Shortcut will be placed on the Desktop

Link to download new software version:



  1. Is the firmware download included in the software download? I've downloaded and installed the new Cubex software, but when I go to update the firmware I just get "Firmware updated error: Bootloader not detected". I've used the "How to update the firmware" link, put my printer into USB Bootloader V4 mode, and have it connected to my computer. What am I missing? Does anyone have any other resources on how to do this? Cubex's instructions aren't really helping me.

    1. Can't find the 1.08 firmware too...

    2. HI, I asked Cubify, and they sent the solution to me..and it works!
      Boot loader not detected is a common error. This means your computer is not recognizing the printer. To resolve this:

      1) Leave the Printer connected to the computer through the USB cable. close out of all software.

      2) Once all software is closed, restart the computer

      3) Once the computer reboots, reopen the software ( your computer should now recognize the printer)

      4) Follow steps on updating firmware

    3. tom,
      i had the same problem on a new cubex single just removed from the packing;
      turns out the ribbon that connects the USB board to the main board was disconnected at the main board. i had to remove the bottom plastic platform to access the main board and reconnect the ribbon. once this was done the firmware update went through without a problem.
      hope this helps

  2. Taked to Cubify regarding frimware v.1.08. The newest version is 1.07 not 1.08.

  3. hi,
    I am a dealer, in this new version i have many erros like "can open g code" when finish the build. You have this problem to? (WIN8 x64)

    1. I have the same trouble : "Error loading Gcode file" (Win7 x64). All was ok with the previous version of this software. Somebody has a solution ?

  4. I have exactly the same trouble : "Error loading Gcode file" while building. I'm on Win7 x64. Somebody found any solution ?

  5. Exactement le même problème avec beaucoup de pièces "error loading G-code file"... Anyone has a solution?

  6. hi all,

    I have recently .bought a cubex duo but it did not come with any drivers or software. when I switch on and scroll through the options on the front panel it says v1.07 is in the machine but when I plug into my laptop nothing registers.
    could anyone give me a link to where I may be able to download the software and drivers please? I am currently using windows 10.




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