Saturday, August 31, 2013

CubeX Top Cover Hinge

This is a must have for the CubeX.
It's nice that the top cover for the CubeX is removable for easy access, but then you always have to put the cover somewhere.
I just installed a cover hinge set I bought from GRM Products. It is so nice to have. Now I just open the lid and it stays up, till you pull the lever in to close the lid. Very simple. The CubeX should have come with a hinged top cover.

The installation per instructions is straight forward.
You do need to drill and tap holes into the back housing cover of the CubeX to mount the hinges to the CubeX.
The Hinge kit came with all the parts and screws.
For installation, you need a drill, a #19 drill bit (0.166") and a 5mm x 0.8 tap. The allen driver that came with the CubeX fits the screws for the hinge.

I was a little worried to just screw into the plastic back cover to hold the hinges and did not want to strip the thread, but the screws just need to be snug to easily hold the hinges and cover in place.

This is so nice to have now.      -  I like !

Here is where I bought it.


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