Sunday, January 1, 2017

CubeX Trio - Kisslicer settings

Per request, here are the Kisslicer setting that are working well for my CubeX Trio.
I have been using the Kisslicer PRO version:
Kisslicer 1.5 Release with CubeitModV6.05
Make sure all files reside in the same folder as the .exe files.

Setting are setup for the GRM heated printbed.

After "slicing" the model, make sure to always scroll thru the model layer by layer to check for any possible errors. Sometimes more loops create a cleaner print.

If you have already Kisslicer installed, make sure to backup your original copy with ini files.
I would then create another copy of your Kisslicer folder and then dump my .ini files in that folder for testing. Make sure you are using Kisslicer 1.5 Release with CubeitModV6.05

Here are download links: 

Kisslicer ini files only:
Kisslicer .ini files only

All files except Kisslicer.exe and CubeITMod605.exe:
All files but no .exe

All files including Kisslicer and CubeItmod .exe files (download might not work)
Make sure to rename the two .exx files to .exe  (because of windows security).
Kisslicer all files

Kisslicer Manual:
Kisslicer Manual

I have also been using the Simplify3D slicer with my CubeX. It works really well.
I can post my settings next time.


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  2. whaat can I do for my cubex duo? anybody out there have a working config?


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