Saturday, June 29, 2013

New CubeX Software Version 1.04 and Firmware Version 1.06 available

What's new?

  • I noticed there is now a "Fit to window" button.
  • The "Support" feature got improved and it seems to do somewhat better with the support structure.(If you are using the "Support" feature, it's always good to check the build file and see where the support structure is added. In some cases, you might still rather design your own support structure in the model).
  • I am getting now better result with the 0.10 resolution setting than before.

Not sure what else was changed and improved with this update.

Here is the link for the software download.


  1. I installed the CubeX software, but I cannot find the firmware. Where do I find it ?

  2. Hello,
    The firmware gets installed / updated on your CubeX.
    For that the CubeX has to be connected via USB cable to a computer that has internet access.
    There is a link in the blog to the latest user manual that shows the steps how to update the firmware.

  3. I installed the new 1.05 software today and the weight seems to be a lot more. In the 1.05 version the object was 19grams as opposed to the same object on a 1.04 version and it was 2 grams. Is this accurate???


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