Monday, January 2, 2017

Bypassing filament cartridge check and/or using aftermarket 1.75mm filament with the CubeX

Here are some old news but some users still struggle with the standard filament cartridges.

You don’t need any cartridge installed if you run CubeX software 1.07 (with a little trick, see further below).    Or if you run Kisslicer or Simplify3D slicer.

Running the CubeX with no cartridge installed.
When you create a build file with CubeX software version 1.07, it by mistake creates an unencrypted gcode file with a “.bfb” extension in the directory of the model file.
You can open that file with notepad and remove usually 2nd thru 6th line in the code (all the lines in the beginning with a "^" in front of it, except the “^Firmware:v1.07” line.  
So the only line with the “^” in front of it should be the “^Firmware:v1.07”. That one needs to stay.
Removing the other ~ 5 or so lines with the “^” in front of it will allow you to print without the software checking if there is a cartridge installed.

A day or two later Cubify release software version 1.08 to fix their error.
If you need to download the 1.07 version, here is a link to the CubeX 1.07 download.
(Use the link below for 1.07).

The download file is 51MB. I had to put in on Google Drive for downloading.

Also, I use Kisslicer to create the printfile. Much better.  See settings in prior post.

If you want to use aftermarket filament,the CubeX needs  ~ 1.70mm diameter filament. The extruder design has a fixed pulley and drive gear so it only works with the exact diameter unlike some other extruder designs that have a pre-loaded pulley.
Most aftermarket filament are 1.75mm. But there are some aftermarket filament that some users found that run on the thin side and work. I heard some users have good luck with Matter hackers filament.
Increasing the extruder driver voltage to 1.63V (must put heatsink on driver chip) works in most cases to have enough power to drive/extrude the thicker 1.75mm filament. is a good place to check out. 

These instructions are from there:          Setting Extruder Driver VoltageInstructions

I set my voltage to 1.63V on each of the 3 drivers and installed heatsink on each of the 3 driver chips (CubeX Trio).

The current SW version is 1.08 (but 1.07 is better because you can get into the gcode file) and the latest firmware version is 1.07.
So I am running SW version 1.07 and FW 1.07 and would not update since version 1.08 blocks that “hack”.

Here is what I tweaked on my CubeX:
·         Relocating z-limit sensor (for consistent z-homing).
·         Installing Heated printbed. (A must for ABS printing, and improvement on larger PLA parts).
·         Running filament spools externally and feed thru upper portion of tubing.
-         Make sure to store your filament in sealed bag with extra desiccant bags).
·         Use a hack to not need cartridge chip (the cartridges and reader have many problems so ignoring the chip and running spools externally solves that)
·         Using Kisslicer as software to create print file. (Creates much better print models and support features can be easily broken off).
-        Increased extruder driver voltage to 1.63V and installed heatsink on driver chip.

-        Modified extruder to use 1.75mm filament.

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