Monday, January 2, 2017

Simplify3D settings for the CubeX Printer

I have gotten some great prints with the Simplify3D slicer software.
The software is not free, but I think well worth the price.

Just like with Kisslicer you need to have firmware 1.07 on your CubeX. That way it won't check if you have a CubeX cartridge installed or not.
The software puts out a .bfb file the the CubeX can read. Just like with Kisslicer you copy the file onto the memory stick for printing.

There are many adjustments you can do. 
One of the really cool things is that you can set different print speed, layer thickness, infill, cooling, etc... per layers. 

For example if you have a print that is wide and simple at the bottom and detailed at the top, you can have faster print speed, higher temp, etc... at the lower layers and then slow the print down at the top, add or reduce infill, fans on, etc...
Another great feature is that you can add and remove individual supports manually. - Very helpful. 

The software is setup 
Checkout there software for all the features.

One thing I liked better with Kisslicer is that you can see where the layer start is and therefore better select the preferred seam/print start location.  Simplify3D has some different options for the layer start, but I don't see where the actual seam will be on the model when looking thru the sliced model.  ???

The settings are saved in Process files with a  ".fff" extension.
Those files can be imported and then will show up in the Profile pull down menu.

Make sure to select the proper extruder you want to use. There are several places / menu tabs where you need to select the extruder in the pull down menu.
Also make sure to set the filament diameter in the "Other" menu tab. (~1.69 mm for CubeX filament and ~ 1.75 mm for other standard filament).
Also make sure to set the proper temperature for the filament you are using.

To minimize filament remains to get dragged onto the first layer, I select "use skirt/brim" in the "Additions" menu and I also keep the same temperature for the first layer as the rest of the part. That way the printhead does not move away from the part for temp change after the first layer and will not create any unwanted stringing.

Here are some links to download the ".fff" process/profile files depending on your printer:
Note: These worked for me, no guarantee they will work on your printer.  (I have the GRM heated printbed installed, so it might need a different z-offset for you).

Select Download link and then select Download.

CubeX single:
Download for CubeX single

CubeX Duo:
Download for CubeX Duo

CubeX Trio:
Download for CubeX Trio


  1. Hello, thank you for sharing all this very value information. Thanks to you I'm finally confident on the printing quality of this machine. Please post some pictures of your parts using simplify3D.

  2. I tried your Cubex duo file and version 3.1.1 but it is asking for .frm file instead. When i load the .fff file it seems to load fine but it only saves in .gcode instead of .bfb. Any Suggestions would be much appreciated!

  3. I was able to get simplify3d working thanks to your guide so thank you! I also have the grm heatbed installed but it hasnt been heating up all the way ever since i started using simplify3d. I know the controller isnt connected to the grm controller so it isnt simplify3d fault. Could you send me the setting of your grm controller? like the advanced setting when you hold the set key? i went through the auber syl manual but im not sure if their default settings are the same as grm sends it with. Im not sure what settings to look for so if you could tell me all 25 of them i would really appreciate it!

  4. Hi!
    I have recently laid my hands on a CubeX single.

    I correctly installed your profile and was trying some stuff but an issue occurred:

    1) I adjusted the z-axis offset to match my bed level (I find it easy to fine tune it this way, rather than hardware setting on the machine)
    2) To increase adhesion I lowered the first layer speed to 50%
    3) Since some edges kept bending (PLA, no heated plate) I googled and turned off the fan for the first layer, configuring 2 set point for fan control: layer 1: fan speed 0 and layer 2: fan speed 60 (it was already set at 60)

    So that is my configuration, but after the first layer, when the fans kicked on the printer seemed to freeze. It was proceeding in the printing time and the temperature was kept at 190, but nothing moved. When I aborted the print... it did not move (usually it goes back on top of the waste material box)

    I ended up shutting it off and on again.

    Any thoughts?


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