Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sorry, this blog will not be updated anymore. 
It will stay on-line for reference if anybody still has a CubeX.

For me, the CubeX experience was besides paying way too much for an out of the box, not to specs and originally poorly functional printer, overall a positive experience, mainly because I learned (had to) a lot about the FDM 3D printing technology and was fortunate to connect with many other users that helped to get that thing working. 

Many thanks to Giovanni, Hugues, Peter Gregory, Jetguy, Joe Stefano, GRM Products, J. Andre, Toranarod and everybody involved getting Kisslicer to work and all other contributors I have missed.
You guys have dedicated a lot of time to come up with answers and solutions that helped many frustrated CubeX users. - Thank you !

I finally moved on and had bought an Original Prusa i3 MK2S 3D printer at the end of last year. 
I am very happy with it. It worked and printed perfectly right out of the box, and none of the proprietary stuff that the cube had. All is open source.
The Original Prusa printer does not look like much but it is very affordable, easy to use and the prints are awesome. 
No surprise it got voted 3D printer of the year and it has now a unfortunately long lead time to order, but for me it was well worth to get the original prusa. The slicer it comes with is really good and the company stay behind it's product. 
Check out their website and blog etc. and you will see how dedicated and customer focused the company is

Thank you.

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