Saturday, September 28, 2013

New CubeX software version 1.05

New CubeX software version 1.05 just got released.
(Current Firmware version is still 1.07)

Enhancements & Fixes:
- Updated Material Profiles - version 5 - Enhancements to part quality for ABS and PLA.
- Updated Support Paramters - Enhancements to the supports that are used for the 0.25 mm layer   thickness mode for ABS and PLA.
- Fine Features & Points are inproved for PLA.
- ABS Raft on PLA Parts has been improved.

(Note: If you get an message "you do not have privileges to install etc....." during the install, try the install again by right clicking on the setup.exe file and select "Run as administrator".

 Installation Instructions:
- Uninstall previous installation of CubeX Software.
- Extract the folder
- Double click on setup.exe to begin installation
- The installer will direct thru the install process
- after installation complete, a CubeX Shortcut will be placed on the Desktop

Link to download new software version:

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