Sunday, April 28, 2013

New CubeX Software version 1.02

Go to the website and download the new CubeX Software version 1.02 and the updated User Guide.
Some necessary bugs were fixed and some of the interface is more user friendly.
It seems like the "Build" process is also faster.
See details on:


  1. I submitted a bug (this weekend) with the CubeX software freezing when importing STL files, and they said they found what was wrong already (that was really quick).... so it'll be interesting to see when the next version of their software will come out (hopefully with that fix).

  2. Yes, new version 1.02 fixed several bugs. There is also a new "Draft" print feature which is supposed to print faster, but with less detail. I will try that out soon.

  3. Where do I find the software download. I went to the URL you posted and didn't find a link. Also, is there a way to see what version I am currently running. I don't see an about menu option.

  4. Hello Todd,
    In your CubeX software, when in the view menu, select the About button on the right. That will show your current software version.
    See the link below for software download. The small gray Windows download button is in the middle of the page underneath the bigger CubeX picture.


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