Monday, April 22, 2013

Print resolution

Print resolution:
So far I had the overall best prints with the 0.25 resolution. It prints fast and quite smooth and nice in this resolution.
The 0.1 resolution gives a smoother outside model surface and can show more details, but sometimes if the model has more overhangs, the 0.1 resolution might look not as good than the 0.25 in those overhang areas.
For example this part was printed first with 0.25 resolution, medium fill, no rafts, no supports, and then printed with 0.1 resolution, medium fill, no rafts, no supports. The 0.25 print came out almost nicer. You can see the 0.1 part left some "fuss" in some areas, where the 0.25 looked already quite nice without any touchup.


The bottom side of the part (where it sat on the platform) should be closed, so I don't know why it did not fill the area in this print model.

On the other side, the "Hand" model came out excellent in the 0.1 resolution. Especially the inside of the hand with great detail. Quite amazing.


I have not gotten as good results with the 0.5 resolution. Maybe the jet temperature and print speed etc. are not as well tuned for that resolution. 0.5 is quite a big layer step so I don't see much need for it. Maybe 0.35 would be a better alternative.

The size and scaling of the model will also affect the outcome of the print in either print resolutions.

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