Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And some more Printed Models with the CubeX


  1. I like the example with the working thread and the fact that it is functional out of the box.


    This put's me one step closer for buying.

    Thank's again

  2. Great stuff Rick!
    can you share the bottle with working threads model? Did you make it? or download it somewhere?

  3. I will upload the jar tomorrow. I got it from another user who asked me to test print it and see if it would come out ok. I am printing it right now at 150% since the original is quite small. The cap fit very tight on the small jar. Was ok after screwing it on and off several time, but the jar/lid design should be updated with a little bigger gap inbetween for a looser fit. - Just finished the larger 150% print. Came out really nice too, threads ave very smooth, but the cap fits also a very tight, so I will fix the model and then upload.


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