Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Any Suggestions for this Blog?

Feel free to post comments or suggestions for this Blog.
Trying to make this Blog useful by sharing my experience with 3D printing and the CubeX as I am learning.
It's becomming more and more fun with gained experience. Have had a few mis-prints early on, but understand now better why and keep learning.



  1. Hello Rick!
    What do you think about the new Lulzbot Taz, comparing it to your CubeX?


  2. Hey Rick,
    I love "How-To's"...
    how to level your plate, how to level your tips, how to apply the glue, how to change your cartridge even if it's not empty....
    always useful to new owners!

  3. Hello Guilherme,
    Thanks for checking out this blog.
    The Lulzbot Taz looks interesting. Since the CubeX is my first 3D printer I don't have anything to compare too. I picked the CubeX because it has a bigger company with lots of 3D printing experience behind it and the smaller Cube printer got good reviews for consitant prints and reliability. Their customer support has been great. So far my printer has printed consitant and reliably, printing something every day, so I am happy with the CubeX.
    It's worthwhile spending some time online reviewing the different 3D printer choices (one, two or three printheads, ABS or PLA or both, print bed size etc...) and compare to what you mainly want to use it for.

  4. Hi Rick,

    Very good blog, I am just going through all your posts just now. I have just got a CubeX Duo and have been coming across some of what you mention. It is good to confirm that the knitting is standard.

    I am having some trouble with the leveling of my printer though. Currently I am doing what the user guide says and leveling in relation to the aluminium pad and fine tuning with the print pad. I was under the impression that once the printer is leveled it should be fine with maybe needing checked one every 2/3 months. However, I am finding the level seems a bit out after a week, are you experiencing this as well?



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