Wednesday, May 29, 2013

For new CubeX users. - Getting started with your first Print.

(This is based on what I learned during my little frustrating initial start)
If you are just getting started with your new CubeX here is what I can suggest:

  • To avoid possible frustration or disappointment, don't rush into your first print. It is not just "plug and play", but it is not that difficult either once you know and understand the basics.
  • Take the time and read thru the User guide to get familiar: CubeX user guide 
  • Read thru the different posts of this blog, hopefully you find some useful information. For example Posts: "Successful 3D Printing - Part 1", "Initial Setup", and other Posts.
  • Start printing a small part first. You won't use much filament and get a quick result.             Here is a good starter model from Thingiverse: "Treefrog by MorenaP" It is a cute little frog that prints in 10 minutes (when scaled down to 50%). Make sure to use these print settings: PLA material, 0.25 layer thickness, Medium density, No raft, No support, No fine detail preservation. Scale part to 50 percent. Also rotate to frog model 90 deg. so its looking to the side when you set it up in the CubeX software. In this oritentation it will print nicer since the overhang under the chin of the frog is not facing to the front where the print start / knit line is. (see other post about "Part orientation.......").
  • File link: "Treefrog by MorenaP"     Or print some of the model files that came with the printer. You can scale them initially a little bit smaller for a quicker print time.
  • Print in 0.25 layer to begin with. I print almost everything is this layer setting. It prints fast and gives a nice finish. If you want to try out the 0.1 or 0.5 layer height, print smaller parts (like the frog sample above) so you get a quick idea about the difference and can compare.
  • Print with PLA first.  - ABS is a lot more challenging to print with. ABS has a lot higher shrinkage rate and parts tend to warp. It is challenging to get good adhesion to the print bed and perfect print bed leveling and z-gap is needed. So get good with PLA printing before trying out in ABS.
  • If you have a CubeX Duo or Trio, and want to print a multicolor part, make sure you have successfully printed in single color first. Check the User Guide, and see the post "Multicolor parts with CubeX" in this Blog for some info on multicolor printing and a suggested  test print file.
  • Have fun printing.

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  1. Hi Rick,

    Great job with your blog. Do you know if there are any alternate suppliers for filament?

    Keep up the nice work!



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