Thursday, May 9, 2013

CubeX ABS printing

I should finally getting my first CubeX ABS print cartridge this Saturday, so I am excited to try out some ABS printing. Stay tuned.


  1. Any news on the ABS front Rick?


  2. Hello Sam,
    Soon I hope. I just send an email out to Cubify about an update on the backorder. I have some on order from Source Graphics too, but its all on backorder or backlog, but they are starting to ship some.
    A few other users got already ABS cartridges.
    Will post as soon as I get the ABS and some prints going.
    A CubeX user from the google group has just printed some with ABS and had a or some good print result(s).(Although his cat did not like the smell).

  3. I heard when printing ABS with the cubeX you first need to paste a glue on the bed? Is this true and do you get the glue together with the ABS cartridge? I'm looking forward to hear about some results.


  4. All prints on the cubeX require using the cube stick glue.

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