Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Print bed leveling aid

Since the front print bed leveling screw head is covered by the print bed, you can screw on two M5 nuts onto to bottom of the front level adjustment screw and tighten the two nuts against each other.

Now, you can hold the leveling screw with the bottom of the two nuts to loosen the lock nut. Once the lock nut is loose, you can use the interlocked two nuts to turn the level adjustment screw with the print bed in place. 

No need to tighten the lock nut back up. There is enough tension / friction from the spring to prevent the screw from turning by itself.


  1. Hi, I didn't quite follow your paragraph above:

    "Now, when you can hold the ..." what were you trying to say? What exactly is the problem that you're solving here?


    1. The problem is that the screw head for the front leveling screw is covered by the print bed, so you cannot turn or adjust it with the print bed in place. The two nuts screwed from the bottom onto that leveling screw and tightened against each other and therefore locking onto the screw, will now give you a way to turn the leveling screw with a 8mm wrench from the bottom. Make sure to loosen the Lock nut.


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