Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Software updates and fixes in Version 1.02

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The following updates are now in place
  • New Fast Draft Build Mode available.  Defaults to 0.25 mm layers and Medium thickness.
  •  Open Model Assembly functionality (replaces “Group Open”/”Group Close” toggle button).  This should make opening multi-stl geometries (i.e. – globe or multi-color basketball) more intuitive.
  •  Updated Process for ALL build modes to enhance part quality across the board 
  •  Print Preparation – various bug fixes to print preparation process to make sure that all prints complete preparation.  Previous version it was possible to get stuck so that the print preparation process never completed; this happened for various scenarios.
  •  Multi-Color Print Preparation – various bug fixes to ensure that the generated print file colors match up properly with the colors chosen by the operator prior to print preparation.
  •  Redundancy Enhancement – in the previous versions, the Colors for each print jet could be chosen in to the Printer Configuration and Build Settings window.  This caused confusion and led to the print file having the wrong color in the final prepared geometry.
  •  Build Envelope Correction – The allowable build envelope in CubeX software now matches what the printer can actually print.
  •  Out of Bounds – If Out of Bounds is detected for a Print Jet that is going to be used in a print, the user will not be able to proceed with the print until that feature has be brought back in bounds or removed from platform altogether.
  •  Units – CubeX software now asks about your units when loading a geometry in an effort to make sure the 3D Model is loaded properly. 
  •  Pick Color – previously called “Pick Shells”, the user interface now uses color coded paint buckets to designate the colors you can use to color your geometry.  Click on a paint bucket and the “cross hairs” mouse icon replaces the traditional arrow icon.  To turn off, simply click the paint bucket a second time.
  •  Color display for 3D Models – several of our colors in the previous version did not have an actual color in the user interface.  When those colors were used, the user interface would display those geometries as blue.  Now all colors are properly represented.
  •  Color display for Print File – several of our colors in the previous version did not have an actual color that was displayed on the outputted
  •  Ribbon Bar re-arranged – the Ribbon Bar is arranged so that the tools available are in order of their use from left to right.
  •  AutoPlace – Autoplace tool now centers properly about the center of the platform in X & Y.  Previously it was slightly offset from center.


  1. How do you update the program? Do i have to uninstall and reinstall or something? On the program, I don't see an area to update software.

  2. You have to uninstall the old version thru the Control Panel in Windows, Add/Remove programs, and then install the new version.


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